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Work Force Mentoring

Mentoring without work is empty!

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(all classes are offered online, in-person, & correspondence in english & spanish)

- Certified domestic violence program


- Impulse Control




- ALCOHOL & other drugs


- Petit Larceny





LEVEL I $29.95

LEVEL II $69.95




Anger Management

Control, Redirect, and Change


Convenient week day and weekend times available.

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5575 Conner St. Suite 201

Detroit, MI. 48213

Satisfy your court requirement or simply your desire to manage your anger.  Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to all sorts of problems. Take our class and learn how to effectively manage this powerful emotion!!

Level I:  8 hr. Course- $285

Level II: 13 week Course - $385

(usually ordered in lieu of a domestic violence charge)

Topics include:

  1. ·         Gaining Control
  2. ·         Stress Management
  3. ·         Emotional Intelligence
  4. ·         Developing Effective Communications Skills

Classes are available in both English & Spanish. (313)-247-5002 or (702) 308-7414

The Workforce Mentoring Program is a mentoring component that provides on-the-job-training, work experience and community service opportunities for youth ages 16 and older. Youth can earn letters of support, stipends and/or hourly compensation.

Well trained facilitators work with young people in school setting with resume developement, classroom instruction and one-on-one job readiness activities. Youth are better prepared for the workforce upon completion of our 6 week program.

Stop Sex Trafficking


To spread awareness to the public about the abuse, neglect and human trafficking of young girls and women in the African American Community and provide services to victims and their families.

Developed in 2017, Black Girls Matter is an awareness program that focuses on eradicating sex trafficking in the Metro Detroit area. Our vision is to educate the public, reduce the abuse and rescue females from the inhuman practices in the Metro Area.

    This program is meant for all creeds and colors, but the population we serve is primarily people of color in communities occupied by people of color.  Thus Black Girls Matter has been formed to bring attention to the communities in which we live.

    Girl Talk is an interactive workshop and group session program that allows young girls ages 12-17 years of age to discuss and work out issues related to their rights of passage (transition into womanhood). This program specifically addresses the responsibility of a female and the standards in which she should live.


    The Young Authors Program is a literary arts and conflict resolution program that provides youth with the opportunity to research and write about issues that affect their daily lives. Youth use poetry, short stories and essays to articulate their thoughts and improve on their reading and comprehension skills. Classes are facilitated by published authors